Raptor technologies are designed and engineered to maximize equipment availability and increase productivity.
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Robotic Overlay

Raptor robotically applied ARM, ProARM®, ARMPlus™ and PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay making tips and adapters sharper and last longer, helping crusher teeth crush harder and allowing blades and grouser lugs to penetrate and wear longer.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay Robotic Overlay
Robotic Overlay

PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay in service on table segment mill liners.

Carbide Overlay
ProARM Tungsten Carbide Overlay
Tungsten Carbide Overlay Teeth
ARM ProARM Robotic Overlay

Grouser bars and ice lugs with ProARM® and ARMPlus™ applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay.

PTA Tungsten Carbide Overlay


Raptor Laser Scanning services combines the latest scan and cloud point technology with our line of premier wear products for a perfect fit of RaptorPlate® and HarderPlate®, every time.

Laser scanning for RaptorPlate® and HarderPlate® wear kits, fit and alignment of pins and bushings, solid model analysis and for updating and new engineering drawings, Raptor’s Laser Scanning service is your solution

Laser Scanning
Laser Scanning Truck Box RaptorPlate

Underground truck boxes for a RaptorPlate® liner package.

Laser Scanning Cloud Points ERS Dipper
Laser Scanning Dozer Blades ERS Dippers
Laser Scanning Pins Bushings

Fit and alignment of pins and bushings for a frame.

Laser Scanning
Laser Scanning Dragline Tub
Laser Scanning Dozer Blades

Dozer blade ready for a perfect fitting RaptorPlate® liner kit.

Laser Scanning Coal Chute Hopper
Heat Mapping


Raptors CMM’s (Coordinate Measuring Machines) are part of our quality control process and are utilized to ensure that dimensions and profiles are exactly as the engineering prints and are precise when they come out of the mould and before Raptor ships the part.

CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines
CMM Edmonton Alberta Canada
CMM Miami Florida USA

CCMM at CISC Barrie confirming dimensions.


RMS (Raptor Mine Services) and RFPS (Raptor Fixed Plant Services) here to serve your Mining or Fixed Plant service needs. Raptor CISC locations with CWS and AWS certified welders, exceeding your expectations and working on projects in-house or in-situ.

RMS Raptor Mine Services
RMS RaptorPlate Dragline Bucket

Job done, RaptorPlate® wear kit in a Dragline bucket.

RMS Fixed Plant Services

Pattern Tooling

Raptor Pattern and Tooling making, CAD designed and CNC Milled Wood, Urethane, Match Plate, Investment and Styrofoam pattern options. Providing you with options; the right tooling, for the right casting project.

Pattern Tooling
Pattern Tooling Design Engineering

Design and engineering, by casting foundry experts.

Pattern Tooling Urethane
Pattern Tooling Styrofoam

Steel Forming

Raptor services expand to many levels, including in-house CNC machining, plasma cutting, vacuum brazing, certified welding, plate forming, stud bolting, and much more. Contact your local CISC to get the expertise you need to your project up and running.

Steel Forming
Steel Forming Dragline Tips
Steel Forming LatchBars

Machining of “Pregnant” ERS 4100 series LatchBars.

Steel Forming Stud Bolding Mill Liners