About Raptor

Raptor is an independent and privately-owned design and manufacturing company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The team at Raptor is made up of highly motivated and driven individuals that take the customer experience to the next level. The Raptor team strives to do every engineering job, laser scan, overlay assignment and every other job, better than the last.
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It all began in 2004, one project at a time and a satisfied customer, every time.

History of Raptor Mining


Craig and Murray, the founders of the Raptor group of companies began working on the vision and direction of Raptor in 2004. The vision was to create a company that is focused and passionate about the development of products and services that provide the highest level of technology and functionality while being cost effective to the customer.

Combining their knowledge and expertise within the casting, fabrication and engineering fields, they formed Raptor, an independent engineering and manufacturing company focusing within the mining and power generation industries.

History of Raptor Mining

2005 - 2011

Raptor’s team of casting visionaries, mining and power generation parts and service SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) grew extensively throughout these years. Focusing on markets within Canada and the United States of America from 2005 - 2011, Raptor was able to proliferate its products and services to customers in all regions of North America through strategically located Raptor field SME’s and dealer network.

In 2008, Raptor made the decision to add manufacturing to its portfolio and introduced its first robotically applied MIG ARM and PTA overlay service. The overlay service allowed Raptor to be a value added service partner and provide quick product turnaround to its existing and rapidly growing customer base.

By 2011, the introduction of the first Raptor CISC (Continuous Improvement Service Center) in Edmonton, Alberta was created and the value added proposition it provided its customer allowed new markets to be served including the forestry and limestone quarry industries.

History of Raptor Mining


Raptor opened up its first CISC manufacturing facility outside of Alberta in early 2012 and CISC Barrie, Ontario was born. The focus of CISC Barrie is the manufacturing the Defender® & MagnaWear® product lines servicing the iron ore, mining and power generation markets in Central/North Eastern Canada and throughout the Eastern United States.

History of Raptor Mining


To better service customers within the United States and Latin America, Raptor opened up its first CISC in the United States and CISC Miami was born. CISC Miami provides support and services to a wide range of industries including white rock (limestone) quarry, mining and power generation.

ROAR, Robotic Overlay Application Ranking, a Raptor employee program for Robotic Overlay operators was created in 2013. The goal of the program was to make Raptor Robotic Overlay Operators the best in the field and allow them to grow their skills to new levels. ROAR has proved a success and continues to this day.

History of Raptor Mining

2014 - 2015

Raptor's CISC Edmonton, Barrie and Miami saw large foot print expansions including acquisitions of new equipment. ABB robots, vacuum brazing ovens, plasma tables, field service support vehicles and various types of support equipment were purchased and expanded throughout the CISC network. The acquisitions allowed Raptor to increase the speed to market of new and existing product lines while at the same time reducing costs to our customers.

The creation of RMS, Raptor Mine Services, in 2014 allowed Raptor's customers the choice of having crushers, buckets, chutes, chain, etc. to be either rebuilt at an in-house Raptor CISC or in the field by a RMS service representative.

In addition to RMS, Raptor introduced a Laser Scanning service at each CISC location providing customers the most accurate wear kits, drawings and solid models for mobile, mining and fixed plant equipments that technology can provide.

History of Raptor Mining


Raptor is expanding, growing and looking forward to the introduction of new technologies and new CISC’s to better service you, our very important customer.

History of Raptor Mining


The year of GSD, yes, it certainly was. The year that all employees no matter their responsibility and all CISC’s began to see GSD alignment. Creating great employees, great brands and great companies begin internally and the reason why the expansion of the Raptor ROAR program with newly created Jurassic ARC and GSD programs will be available to all staff in 2018.

History of Raptor Mining


The year of JURASSIC Heavy Welding Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with further global expansion of CISC’s into Latin America, EAME and the Asia Pacific.

History of Raptor Mining


Raptor is looking to the future and beyond, 2020 is just around the corner and with the speed at which the world is evolving, we know that our mining customers and dealers are also evolving. They are looking for greater velocity, efficiencies and technologies which is mission 1 at Raptor while maintaining and improving safety and quality.

We’re excited to announce new technologies with our product and service offerings in the coming year, please follow our social media sites for more information.

History of Raptor Mining


A new decade and the most confident I’ve been in more than 65 million years for Raptor’s future! It’s Raptor’s official 15 year anniversary and wow what a ride it has been since 2005. We are who we are and where we are because of one thing, our super awesome people. They work hard, they create, they innovate and they make the work place better each and every day. It’s because of them why we were just awarded Best Managed Companies Canada for 2020.

THANK YOU to everyone at Raptor.

History of Raptor Mining


It’s 2021, felt like it took 65 million years to get through 2020.

2021, the year of Committed Growth and a major transition point for Raptor Mining with full implementation across the entire organization with OKR’s (Objectives & Key Results).

Raptor Mining’s Objective and Key Results being reviewed monthly and with a deeper dive each quarter with all CISC operations, driving towards operational excellence which will better serve our customers and dealers around the world. 2021 GSD (Goal Setting Discussions) & CFR’s (Communication, Feedback & Recognition) have been taking place during the entire last month of 2020 and with that, all our goals are aligned with Raptor’s OKR’s.

Bring it on 2021, we’re ready for Committed Growth!


Raptor's Mission

Mission Statement

We will attract, develop and retain talented individuals that understand our business and put customer focus, core products and commitment into action while establishing long term relationships with the customers we serve.

Raptor's mission is to provide customers with a premium product with exceptional service.

Vision Statement

Our customers highly value the unmatched customer service being delivered across the regions we focus on, which is key to the strong preference for Raptor mining products, services and solutions resulting in customer loyalty and ultimately profitable business growth. We continuously look for new opportunities that complement our core businesses helping our customers succeed.

Raptor's vision is to exceed customers' expectations.

Raptor's Vision Statement

3-P Philosophy

At Raptor we believe that our success is determined by the proper management of the 3-P’s: People, Process, and Products. The 3-P’s define Raptor and future success depends on the ability to continuously improve in these key areas, adapting to the changing marketplace, adopting new technologies and striving to innovate where others stagnate.

Raptor's 3-P Philosophy People Process Products


The passion, dedication and commitment demonstrated by Raptor’s employees is second to none in the industry. The people of Raptor distinguish us from our competitors and help us to rise above the rest. The Raptor management team strives to foster these characteristics through continued career development, training opportunities and employee recognition.

Our number one goal is to maintain Raptor as a 1st class organization at which being employed is highly desirable.


The Raptor management team supports process improvement in our shops and offices alike. Improving processes to increase safety, reduce costs and speed production will be paramount to our continued success. Process improvement ideas are welcome and encouraged from any level or department in the company.

Continuous improvement of our processes and procedures will help Raptor stay relevant in the markets we serve.


The Raptor executive management team also desires to foster a workplace where innovation is encouraged and related successes rewarded. Only through constant innovation will we stay ahead of our competitors and fully harvest the fruits of our labors. Speed to market will continue to be a key differentiator with high quality and performance being expected. New product ideas are welcome and encouraged from any level or department in the company.

We must continue to innovate to sustain growth, improve market penetration and remain at the cutting edge of wear products technology.

Value Proposition

Corporate Values

Reliable, Adaptable, Passionate, Technical, Out-of-the-Box, Responsive.

Raptor's Corporate Values


Creating a high performance work culture.

GSD at Raptor has been a part of the corporate culture at Raptor from the very beginning. It is why our customers and clients work with Raptor, and why our employees are highly engaged and motivated. It’s the driving force behind every new project, every new product line, and every new venture at Raptor.


“working together so the job is a win-win for Raptor and the customer”


“are we on track to hit our personal and Raptor growth goals”

Ruthless Efficiency

"GETting the job done”


"using our clients recommendations, drive and energy and incorporating it into our client services strategy to get the job done to a high level of satisfaction"


“continually supports fueling change and innovation”


“the customer has ever changing and high expectations, are we meeting those, and if not, what do we have to do”


“doing the job better and safer tomorrow than today”


“doing what is right for the CISC, the Raptor enterprise, and the customer”


“ready, aim, fire”


“...it shines through to our work, and to our customer”

Get Involved

Contact Raptor and experience the Raptor way of GSD.


A great attitude makes a great leader at Raptor.

Team Raptor

Craig Harder

Craig Harder

CEO (Guy in Charge of Everything)

Fun Fact
Known around the office as "Chief", and has a reheated Tim Hortons coffee in his hand 100% of the time.

Paul Weber

Paul Weber


Fun Fact
Otherwise known as "P Dub".

Lee Harder

Lee Harder

Vice President - Sales & Product Support

Fun Fact
"GTG for GET" about it.

Robin Miller

Robin Miller

General Manager, Sales

Fun Fact
Yoda Raptor.

Gayle Marinkovich

Gayle Marinkovich

General Manager - Edmonton

Fun Fact
G-GSD, Girls Getting S#!t Done.

Raptor CMO

Raptor CMO

Chief Marketing Officer

Fun Fact
Some say he lives on only a meat diet and likes his meat so rare that he only eats unicorns.

Quality Assurance

Raptor Quality Assurance

Raptor’s quality assurance policy encompasses all aspects of the Raptor organization from design to engineering, manufacturing to production, inspection to testing and purchasing to shipping/receiving. Document and data control, corrective and preventive action, handling of equipment to delivery of products, employee training and the control of quality standards are all taken seriously and are a part of the quality assurance process at Raptor.

Should you require further information regarding Raptor’s quality assurance policies, please contact your local CISC location.

Safety Policy

Raptor Safety Policy

At Raptor, employee health and safety is of the utmost importance. We want our company to be a leader in the promotion of health and safety; therefore, we will strive to maintain a program that follows industry best practices.

To be successful, a safety program must be a part of the corporate culture and embraced at all levels of the company. The safety of Raptor employees is first and foremost the responsibility of the individual employees themselves. When it comes to safety and continuous improvement, Raptor employees are the CEO’s of the space in which they work because they are best suited to identify safety concerns. The Raptor executive management team empowers and encourages all employees to expose unsafe practices to their immediate supervisor in an effort to continuously drive improvements to Raptor’s safety procedures.

At the end of the day, our objective is to minimize the number of injuries and losses so that each and every one of our valued employees goes home safely each day. People are our most important asset at Raptor and as such the health and safety of our personnel that is of primary concern.


Careers at Raptor

The passion, dedication, and commitment demonstrated by Raptor’s employees, is second to none in the industry. The people of Raptor distinguish us from our competitors and help us to rise above the rest.

The Raptor team strives to foster these characteristics through continued career development, training opportunities, and employee recognition. Our number one goal is to maintain Raptor as a 1st class organization at which being employed is highly desirable.


Come build high performance products in a GSD culture with innovative people. We are on the lookout for Journeyman and Apprentice Welders, Machinists, Laborers, Shift Supervisors, Quality Control Officers, and Safety Officers.

Send your resume to careers@raptormining.com and we'll get back to you if you are a good fit.