Mining 101 - Canadian Mining

December 5, 2022

Canada’s mining industry is robust, diverse, and here for the long term! Canadian mining companies and employees are known for their leadership in Safety & Environmental performance, Technology advances and Socio-Economic results.

We are fortunate in Canada to have an abundance of mining, including iron ore, nickel, oil sands, coal, copper, uranium, potash, diamonds, gold, graphite, lithium, platinum, zinc and many other minerals.

According to publicly available records and based on recent statistics:

  • Canada is the largest producer of Potash in the world

  • Canada is the world's second-largest Uranium producer

  • Canada is the world's third-largest Diamond producer

  • Canada is the fourth-largest producer of Aluminum in the world

  • Canada is the fifth-largest producer of Nickel in the world

Mining is a large and modern industry, it’s up to us to keep improving and growing!