Solving complex problems with Predator® G.E.T.

July 30, 2021

Solving complex problems with Predator® G.E.T.

Predator® M.A.O. (Made as Ordered) G.E.T. is a line of custom-made wear parts developed by Raptor and targets mobile equipment. Maybe your application requires a product in a specific size or shape. We can tailor G.E.T. to meet your needs! We have various alloys we work with to bring you innovative solutions in-house from our skilled colleagues.

The attached picture shows a Predator® product. In this case, the customer could no longer get a system he had been using for years, so we created a new adapter and tooth to keep his equipment running. While utilizing our Predator® line, we were able to update the alloy to provide more effective wear characteristics to increase wear life and increase our customer's equipment productivity.

Predator® products frequently will leave our facilities with Raptor's tungsten carbide overlay solutions like A.R.M., ArmPlus®, ProARM™ and P.T.A. (Plasma Transferred Arc).

If you are interested in getting to know more about our Predator® line, let us know!