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April 26, 2018

Raptor Fuel

April 25, 2018

Mmmmmmm, Coffee is my Fossil Fuel! And it helps me get through those long fatiguing days and weeks right?!?!?!

Raptor - Latin America

April 19, 2018

Excellent work team Raptor - Latin America! GET-ing it done 1 job at a time.

Cats and Dogs

April 16, 2018

Working Our Magic

April 10, 2018

Great work Raptor CISC Salt Lake City, Utah supporting your local dealers in the SW USA. It’s magic and with hands and claws your size, it’s easy to Laser Scan, Engineer, Cut, Press Break and Fit for a perfect HarderPlate® &/or RaptorPlate® liner kit!

Police Service Dogs

April 5, 2018

Raptor & Jurassic facilities are proud supporters of Police / Rescue Dog Training. Our doors have been opened since 2012 supporting the arduous 3 year long training process of these super smart and very important partners in making all our communities safer. GSD

Millions of Years in the Making

March 26, 2018

Jurassic Heavy Welding Solutions - Millions of years in the making! (71 million to be precise!) Just a small sign for our building - made out of 1/4” steel plate, 20’ x 8’ and weighs 950lbs! Jurassic, a division of Raptor - Edmonton, Barrie, Miami & Salt Lake City!

Base Edges, Base Edges, Base Edges!

March 19, 2018

Cut, Machined, Inspected, Welded, Inspected again, Painted and ready for shipment from Jurassic Edmonton for our customers all over the world including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa, and Latin America! Base Edges, Base Edges, Base Edges......they’re shipping and going to the highest b…

Bucket Inspections and Rebuilds

January 1, 1970

Nice form Raptor. That’s a 10 out of 10! Great work G.E.Tting it done w/ Hammerless GET for Mixed Fleet mining equipment. As seen here on a Hitachi EX8000 series HMS Clam & Door; rebuild at Jurassic in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

International Women's Day

January 1, 1970

Women @RaptorMining GETting it done! In Engineering, Manufacturing, Welding and all those jobs you do and make happen each and everyday. Raptor appreciates your support, way to GSD! Happy International Women’s Day everyone!