I Am Raptor

Raptor employees, behind the scenes and in the field supporting you, our valuable partner and customer.
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Wear Parts

SME's test fitting new Raptor wear part technology to maximize productivity.

CISC Continuous Improvement Service Centers
 Electric Rope Shovel

Raptor electric rope shovel SME's at work in the coal fields.

Dragline Rigging

Dragline rigging, designed, manufactured and serviced by your Raptor SME.

MAO Made As Ordered Wear Parts

MAO wear parts for all types of Draglines available at your local CISC.

RaptorPlate HarderPlate

Raptor SME inspecting RaptorPlate® and HarderPlate® wear kits.

SME Foundry Production Training

Raptor SME foundry production training.


Raptor Wear Parts

Maximizing wear life of your GET with your local SME's from your local CISC.


RaptorPlate® inspection by Raptor engineers making sure it's right from the manufacturing table to the field.

CISC Welding

Welding, grinding, shot blasting and plasma cutting available at your local Raptor CISC, done right by Raptor employees.

Raptor Careers

Raptor employees G.E.T.ing the job done.

Dragline Parts

Raptor Dragline SME's at your service. Parts for all sizes of buckets from 8 cu yd - 125 cu yd.