GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

July 29, 2021

GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

With a long history of designing and supplying high-performance wear parts, Raptor also offers readily available wear solutions. These castings use heavy-duty, high-performance alloys to ensure we meet customer expectations.

Heel savers used to protect buckets start at 30 lbs and go up to 166 lbs; however, we also have larger options for dragline buckets. Raptor lip savers can be trimmed and cut to spec for special buckets that may need extra TLC between the adapters to reduce scalloping.

All of our locations carry stock and can provide additional services to extend the life of these parts. For example, our customers can use Raptor's tungsten carbide overlay services combined with many wear parts, including heel savers.

Take a look at the attached picture! It shows a Komatsu PC1250 bucket with 105 lbs Raptor heel savers and Raptor lip savers.

If you have any questions about these products, let us know.