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Barrie Getting Sh!t Done

August 4, 2021

A sunny day at Raptor! It's always nice to see various wear solutions packed and ready to ship to our customers. Some of which are scattered across the globe. Shipping out from our location in Barrie: RaptorPlate® CCO plate liner to protect the spade base edge of a large wheel loader bucket! …

Solving complex problems with Predator® G.E.T.

July 30, 2021

Predator® M.A.O. (Made as Ordered) G.E.T. is a line of custom-made wear parts developed by Raptor and targets mobile equipment. Maybe your application requires a product in a specific size or shape. We can tailor G.E.T. to meet your needs! We have various alloys we work with to bring you innovative …

GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

July 29, 2021

With a long history of designing and supplying high-performance wear parts, Raptor also offers readily available wear solutions. These castings use heavy-duty, high-performance alloys to ensure we meet customer expectations. Heel savers used to protect buckets start at 30 lbs and go up to 166 lbs;…

Raptor Barrie Welding Services

July 29, 2021

Raptor offers in-house fabrication and welding services with the capability to do all kinds of work targeting mobile or even fixed plant applications. For one of our amazing customers, we had the opportunity to create a base edge assembly for a Komatsu PC800. The customer sent the adapters to our…

Barrie Robotic Overlay Services

July 29, 2021

Each Raptor CISC (Continues Improvement Service Center) provides high-volume overlay service and low-volume custom overlay options. Depending on the challenges you face, we can provide you with custom overlay options to help your equipment perform at its best. We have various hard-facing wires, and…

Defender® Grizzly Feeder Assemblies

July 29, 2021

Raptor offers an extensive line of Defender® 700 Brinell grizzly caps. These are all produced and stocked at our location in Barrie, Ontario; however, we offer individual parts and custom-designed and fabricated grizzly assemblies through any of our CISC's. A customer reached out to Raptor about …

RaptorPlate® Dozer Blade wear kit solution.

July 28, 2021

The main point of impact on a dozer is the dozer blade, and because of this, it becomes an area of increased wear. In this case, the customer had excessive wear, resulting in damage to the dozer blade and a few other structural components. To provide the best possible solution, our team at Raptor…

RaptorPlate® Silo Liner Kits

May 26, 2021

Another shipment of formed silo liners is ready to ship out of our facility in Barrie, Ontario, to one of our incredible customers. They came to us because they needed a cost-effective solution to help decrease the high wear rate in their iron ore silo. Our answer to the problem provided them with…

Raptor Mining - Canada's Best Managed Companies

May 10, 2021

We are extremely excited to announce that RAPTOR Mining Products Inc. is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the second year in a row! A big thank you goes out to our entire team of amazing people who bring their GSD attitude with them every day. Teamwork really does make the dream work!


May 7, 2021

We're in the business to help you maximize your productivity! Raptor's robotically applied ARM, ProARM®, ARMPlus™, and PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay bring the performance of your equipment to a completely new era! Reach out to us directly at for extra information or to…