RaptorPlate® Dozer Blade wear kit solution.

July 28, 2021

RaptorPlate® Dozer Blade wear kit solution.

The main point of impact on a dozer is the dozer blade, and because of this, it becomes an area of increased wear. In this case, the customer had excessive wear, resulting in damage to the dozer blade and a few other structural components.

To provide the best possible solution, our team at Raptor conveniently laser scanned the blade on-site. After the data was collected and analyzed, we developed a custom wear kit made of RaptorPlate® chromium carbide overlay plate. Based on the wear profile, we determined that we needed to have a total thickness of half an inch for this wear kit to be successful.

With a new RaptorPlate® wear kit and a fresh set of bolt-on segments, we were able to get this dozer running and back into doing what it does best. That means an increase in run time when pushing material, which maximizes the productivity of this blade, allowing this customer to reach their goals quicker!

For any questions about RaptorPlate® dozer wear kits, don't hesitate to contact your local Raptor distributor. If you do not know who to contact, let us know. We are there to help.

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