Defender® Grizzly Feeder Assemblies

July 29, 2021

Defender® Grizzly Feeder Assemblies

Raptor offers an extensive line of Defender® 700 Brinell grizzly caps. These are all produced and stocked at our location in Barrie, Ontario; however, we offer individual parts and custom-designed and fabricated grizzly assemblies through any of our CISC's.

A customer reached out to Raptor about their grizzly feeder. They required a more effective wear solution, so we decided to build a custom assembly. Using standard Defender® blocks, cut to spec on our five-axis plasma cutter, we were able to provide a solution that reduced service intervals from once every year to once every three years!

We know that not every grizzly feeder is the same, and with that in mind, we can provide quick and innovative solutions that reduce the downtime of your equipment.

For any questions about the grizzly cap products or this specific custom grizzly feeder solution, don't hesitate to get in touch with Raptor at