Core Solutions

April 14, 2021

Core Solutions

Raptor Mining will weld or repair anything you throw at us. Our Core Solutions team will tackle anything from Radiators to Moldboards and Axle housings. Custom modifications are available when requested, and when your equipment arrives, inspections by CSGB and CWB certified individuals are available, and Raptor can provide detailed reports for your viewing.

Radiators will go through disassembly, inspection, testing, and reconditioning. We will take a look to see if components are damaged, and we will provide our recommendations for replacement. Sandblasting and painting options are available upon request.

Moldboards will undergo a complete inspection to detect deficiencies, including cracking and wear on frog ends and rails. If your project requires a Raptorplate® liner package, we will install this for you as well.

Axle housings, torque converters, hydraulic tanks, frame windows, and coolers can be removed, repaired, and reinstalled at our Jurassic facility. As well, complete MT/UT inspections are available.

If you have any questions or have a project you would like us to look at, send us an email at!