Change the game with Raptorplate®

April 30, 2021

Change the game with Raptorplate®

Do you want to know why Raptorplate® is a game-changer when it comes to mining and construction applications?

Raptorplate® is a premium quality Chromium Carbide Overlay plate with a distinctive pattern that will decrease your cost per tonne. Combined with our Laser Scanning and wear management documentation, Raptor will detail your liner package wear with laser accuracy. Laser scanning means your custom fit liner package fits perfect – every time.

Mining and construction customers increasingly use Raptorplate® for wear packages in high abrasion applications, including front end loader and excavator buckets, on the dozer and grader blades, construction and mining truck boxes, and in sizeable hydraulic excavator clams and shovel buckets. Remember, no attachment is too small or too big. Raptorplate® is extending service life in anything from skid steer buckets to enormous mining shovel buckets.

Raptorplate® can be perfectly fit for any application and will save you money because of its ability to withstand anything you try and dig through. Reach out to us directly at for extra information or to get an order started.

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